How a single complaint can destroy your online business

Online negative feedback can be a killer to an online business. In some industries, as much as 70% of prospects will review a company before going forward with a purchase. Even one negative review amidst positive reviews can steer the customer to your competitor. Reputation management is crucial for online businesses to ensure that they drive negative feedback deep into the search results.

With so many review sites on the net, today, it is not difficult for unhappy customers to post their stories or negative review. As a result the business suffers.

When you have a business that is being attacked from competitors, it is often difficult to stop them, without the help of a professional service. While business owners cannot approach many of the sites like,,, and many others, a third party can, and that third party is a reputation management company. The role of the reputation management company is to repair, reinforce, and protect your online reputation. Reputation management companies can negotiate with the sites to have the content removed completely, and if that does not work, their team of lawyers can take over to negotiate to have the content removed.

Business owners that work online must be ready for negative press. Business owners should have an active relationship with their consumers through sites like Twitter and Facebook. This is another means for you to be aware of any negative experiences that your customers may experience as they have a forum directly to you that they can voice themselves at. And, it is a great means for you to show your customers how dedicated you are to them.

Many are crucial for businesses to succeed on the Internet, and a means that reputation management companies engage to bury the negative feedback or reviews. This type of campaigning builds many positive links back to your site and focuses on your keywords, which begins to bury the negative content where it is not quite so visible to the consumer. Granted if the customer digs deep, they will still be able to discover the negative press, and the absolute best solution is to try to have the content removed.

The key for business owners is to have reputation management control before the negative press. Companies offer these services on a onetime fee and monthly fee, and the ideal is to protect the company and reinforce their excellence on the net before any negative press hits. When the negative press does hit, the press is already buried deep in the search results and much less visible to the public eye, and, the reputation management company has time to have the press removed.

For companies across the board, reputation management is crucial- especially for the new company that has yet had the time to build their good reputation and excellence on the Internet or have been able to make use of social media sites such as Facebook to build relations with their customers.

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